Earthchild skin care products are made genuinely with love & soul, with you and your health in mind. Plants have been used successfully for centuries before us, so now is the time to give back your body what it deserves, a healthy, proven skincare range without any cancer causing chemicals, no parabans, no toxins, just common sense. They are created using blends of certified organic, pure and natural ingredients, including a distinct selection of therapeutic Essential Oils, each bursting with skin healing qualities. Designed to leave you with beautiful skin, by using only what nature has given to us.

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All our products are  made with blends of Certified, Pure and Natural Organic ingredients.

Although our products are completely natural, if you have any serious health conditions that require constant medication or are currently growing a human and may be concerned in any way, best play it safe & check it over with your health professional before using our lotions.

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