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Confused about all this bruhaha regarding free radicals? Unsure about exactly what on earth theses pesky things are and why oh why should you be worried?

We’ll explain it in a nutshell the best we can…

Our beautiful bodies (like most things on earth) are made up of tiny atoms. (yes, you are in a sense, just tiny bits all put together to make one fabulous being)

Now these wee atoms try really hard to keep stable and to do so, need an even number of electrodes. When we go outside and enjoy the wonders of nature (especially us Kiwis – we love our backyard!) and get a bit slammed from the almighty sun and it’s UV damaging rays (amongst other environmental pollutions out of our control) they deplete our electrodes and wallah! free radicals are formed (because our atoms get a bit wonky from an uneven amounts of electrodes) So, a free radical is basically an atom that’s missing some it’s bits it needs to stabilise itself. Now with the philosophy of robin hood, these ‘free radicals’ take from the healthy, stable atoms (like from your skin) to re-balance itself. The more ‘free-radicals’ you have, there’ll be more thieving going on, then all you’re left with is damaged, wrinkly skin. The solution? Introducing more anti-oxidising agents into your skin, like Vitamin E.

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A majority of the skincare products and cosmetics on the market today contain harmful levels of toxins and chemicals, unfortunately even those that say are natural and organic. What’s even scarier is some chemical compounds including those containing parabens, have recently been reassessed, and even though high levels of exposure to these ingredients have been led to cause cancers (and be detrimental to animals), it was deemed that as ‘individual’ cosmetics each contain lower levels, they have been reapproved… But how many of us only use ONE cosmetic a day though…?

Keep Calm, it’s a good one! Essentially, Hyaluronic Acid is simply a type of carbohydrate (sugar) your body already produces. Basically, it’s a water loving molecule that helps lubricate joints and muscles within your body (as well as having many other talents!) It is essential to have in our skincare, as 50% of the HA our bodies make is in our skin, and as we age, our ability to produce that Hyaluronic Acid reduces, therefore, our skin can not retain water, (and dries out) so we need to re-hydrate with this plant derived serum.

The Hyaluronic Acid EARTHCHILD uses, is produced from bi-products of the bacterial fermentation of Corn, Wheat & Yeast extract.

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No! In fact, our friend Hemp has had a pretty hard time over the years, as it’s always closely associated with it’s cannaboid containing cousin, Marijuana.

Hemp has been used successfully for years, making all sorts of wonderful things from fabric to car parts, food products to bio fuel. In skincare, it’s packed full of goodness, rich in Omega’s it’s wonderfully nourishing and healing.

So, if it’s so amazing, why don’t we hear more about it? Well, short answer, misconception. Hemp has been around for centuries, typically for medicinal purposes. But was also widely grown worldwide for fibre.

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In 1619, King James I ordered every colony in the United States to grow at least 100 plants of Hemp to boost the economy, which eventually became the most popular grown production crop in the U.S until the 1970’s. That’s when, from the lack of proper research, Hemp was condemned to be classified within the categories of it’s slightly shady cousin.

Basically, they are fatty acids our bodies don’t produce, but actually need to maintain optimum health, inside and out.

Omega 3 is generally found in marine animals (like fish & krill) and it’s also known as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and Omega 3 is also found in plants like Hemp & Raspberry seed oil, which are known as ALA (alpha-linolec acid)

Omega 6 is derived from nuts, seeds and vegetable oils, and is also known as LA (linolic acid)

Now, these fatty acids are essential nutrients for human health. They are an important part in the formation of cell membranes, which surround and protect every cell in our bodies. Omega 3 & 6 fats support skin health, and together calm the skin from inflammation, like eczema, psoriasis and pimples by reversing the effects from when skin cells reproduce faster than normal. Omega fatty acids are easily absorbed and repair the skins barrier, helping your skin retain moister and remain flexible, keeping you, wrinkle free.

Total Liquid K7

New Zealand’s finest, an organic preservative derived from the almighty Totara Tree. With a lineage spanning more than a million years, it’s pretty safe to say this tree knows it’s stuff when it comes to preservation. An organic alternative without any nasty harsh chemicals, Totarol has incredibly high levels of antibacterial and antioxidant activity, so we need to include it in our cosmetics to ensure you & your products stay healthy for the duration of their shelf life.

Well, it’s like we said before, here at EARTHCHILD we strive to keep it pure. Because of this, we have chosen to use an un-refined, wild-crafted Shea butter only, so that means the nuts have just been beaten to extract the fat then whipped to achieve the soft buttery consistency. That is all. The more common Shea butters we are used to are then commercially strained, and broken down with chemicals to achieve the more smoother result.

On the bright side, you are getting more of the health qualities the Shea nut has to offer, which is better for you, so just wipe those little bits off, they’re just wee reminders of how we are caring for you.