Holier than thou, Sandalwood really can preform miracles. You might very well recognize the woody scent, as this oil has been used for centuries amongst many different cultures around the world, and all for different purposes, from religion to medicine.

In fact, Sandalwood is still used in a lot in industrial products today, like soaps, deodorants and even mouthwash. EARTHCHILD uses this oil for its healing abilities, with antibacterial qualities, it will protect wounds from infection, anti-inflammatory qualities, which offers cooling & relief to itchy bites & circulatory inflammations, and its skin tightening abilities to help scars and spots heal faster.

Being a relaxant by nature Sandalwood also has the ability to calm your muscles and relieve nerves, which is great for aches, cramps and muscle spasms.

This fella sure does pack a punch, so we just use a wee bit.