Organic Shaving Soap

Shave Baa





We know how hard it is being torn between really wanting to make an effort to save the planet – but still wanting to look beautiful with smooth, hair-free skin…

So we’ve made a shaving soap just for you.

A generous 120g soap, so you can finally ditch the earth-polluting cans. Made with a mixture of plant-based ingredients with organic goats milk and a hint of Rosewood therapeutic oil plus some other goodies to quietly heal any skin discomforts, it’s good for sensitive skin (and will get a head start on healing any cuts you may make…) 

And it’s not just for shaving.

You could, if you want to, indulge yourself by covering your whole body in a million tiny bubbles with the rich creamy lather this sheep provides.

You really won’t believe how luxuriously blissful this soap is until you try it.

Apart from the milk provided from the organic goats (which do eat grass), there’s only plant-based materials used to make this soap, so there are absolutely no nasty chemicals hiding in here!

Each soap comes with a non-toxic, double layer mesh bubble bag,  for easy lathering and to stop your sheep from escaping.


Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, biodegradable and non-GMO



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